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We are proud to announce not one, not two, but three new artists to 80/20 Records!  This is the biggest expansion in the label’s history and we are so excited to have these talented artists as a part of it.  Please welcome Captain Squeegee, Future Loves Past, and PALMS!


Alongside our current artist Dry River Yacht Club this is the best lineup we could ask for and we are looking forward to the following year.  All of our artists will be going into the studio to record, some whom haven’t released an album in years.


Here is the official press release:




(Phoenix, AZ – December 3rd, 2012) – 80/20 Records, an independent record label based in Phoenix, AZ, is proud to announce that it has signed critically-acclaimed local acts Future Loves Past, Captain Squeegee, and PALMS to its roster of artists. These signings, in addition to current label artist Dry River Yacht Club, will give 80/20 Records its best line-up in the label’s history, with each band planning on releasing new music within the next year.

About Future Loves Past
Future Loves Past is an indie rock band based in Tempe that has become a favorite amongst both local music fans and press, with Lindsay Palmer of the Phoenix New Times saying that their sound “borrows lovingly from all genres and blends them together in a straightforward way that’s easy to relate to and digest.” Mitchell Hillman, in a review of their 2011 self-released EP, raved “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a band touch on so many influences, without denying the identity of the band or the groove which is their sound, and their sound is unmistakable.” The band have a slew of new projects in the works, starting with the release of their new 2-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8th at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, and a live performance of their sci-fi concept album, “Our Solar System,” on Dec 29th at the Sail Inn in Tempe. The band also plan on releasing an album of new music in early 2013, as well as a studio recording of the “Our Solar System” concept album later that year.

About Captain Squeegee
Captain Squeegee is a Phoenix-area geek rock band whose sound was described by Craig Outhier in the Phoenix New Times as “a swirling maelstrom of flying horns, dancing guitars, broken melodies, and mad-prophet vocalizing.” Now celebrating nearly a decade as a band, and coming off of a celebrated collaboration with the ASU Concert Jazz Band last month at the Crescent Ballroom (“a campy conglomerate of artistic expression as only Captain Squeegee could do it” said New Times’ Anthony Sandoval), the band plan on heading into the studio in early 2013 to begin work on their first album in over four years.

PALMS is a self-described “beach soul” band based in Tempe that has begun to take the music community by storm, with Mitchell Hillman writing for Echo Cloud Productions that “with each performance I’ve seen, their power, presence and ability to completely devour my soul has grown exponentially.” Following the success of their “Oasis/Coyotes” release, the band are heading to SXSW as part of KWSS’ “All AZ TMI Radio Showcase” and are currently recording with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket for a series of singles that will see release starting early next year.

About 80/20 Records
80/20 Records is an independent record label that is renowned for giving 80% of royalties to their artists. The label has released seven albums over the past three years, and its artists have opened for such acclaimed bands Yellowcard, Sum 41, Spitalfield, Bowerbirds, Fabulous, and Maroon 5. In addition to the new projects listed above, the label will also release a brand new album by Dry River Yacht Club in early 2013. For more information, please visit


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