Captain Squeegee Reveals Music Video for “Farce 500 Million”

Captain Squeegee Reveals Music Video for “Farce 500 Million”

Welcome back to the 80/20 blog! Today, we’re looking into the newest music video release from Captain Squeegee, Farce 500 Million.

As with most Captain Squeegee music videos, this one is a trip. In particular, Farce encapsulates all the unhinged paranoia of today’s conspiracy theory culture—it has lizard men, Illuminati, aliens, and more! As their patented metaphysical horn-rock unfolds, the video flashes relentless mash-ups of these psychedelic dystopian visions in playfully cartoonish style. Look for flaming pyramids, laser-armed televisions, and transvestite George Washingtons. “The Farce” is guaranteed to leave all viewers feeling a little less complacent and maybe a bit more aware.

The video is animated by Johnny Mchone, who has worked on Robot Chicken and Mr. Pickles, as well as directing one of Squeegee’s other videos, Inevitable.

Warning: this video contains a whole lot of flashing images. It is not a good idea to watch it if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

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