80/20 and Enjoy the Ride releases Blasterpiece on vinyl

80/20 and Enjoy the Ride releases Blasterpiece on vinyl

80/20 Records is proud to have teamed up with Enjoy the Ride Records to release Bear Ghost’s full length album Blasterpiece on vinyl.

Update: All Test Pressings sold out in less than a minute. All ‘Green Variant’ copies sold out within 20 minutes. All ‘White Variant’ copies sold out within 8 hours!


–Press Release–

80/20 Records partners with Enjoy The Ride Records to release Adventure Rock band Bear Ghost’s Blasterpiece on vinyl for the first time to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the album.

Recorded by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Jeremy Parker (Evanescence, Slipknot, Disturbed).

These limited edition vinyl comes in two variants housed in a 350gsm jacket, Blasterpiece is pressed on colored vinyl and includes a double-sided full-color insert. With the Cloudy Green Bear Ghost Explosion variant and Test Pressing packages sold out within 20 minutes from release.

Blasterpiece enjoys the company of several vinyl releases under Enjoy the Ride Records, including from artists Andrew W.K., Foxy Shazam, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, as well as soundtracks from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Hey Arnold!

“There’s people everyday still discovering [Blasterpiece] and acting like this just came out.” – Buttonz from Bear Ghost

“Blasterpiece is really what did everything for us.” – Ryan Abel from Bear Ghost


About Enjoy the Ride Records

Enjoy the Ride Records is a Long Island record label, specializing in cult following reissues throughout a variety of genres. Enjoy the Ride Records works with a group of diverse licensing partners throughout the entertainment industry to help create and reissue albums in a unique, limited release format since 2008. We collaborate with companies and artists alike to ensure a quality product is created using the highest quality audio and artwork sources available.

In 2015, Enjoy the Ride Records created Enjoy the Toons, a sub label focusing on family friendly soundtracks and scores throughout pop culture. Enjoy the Toons focuses on releases in limited edition colored vinyl and digital formats.