Ben Anderson releases ‘Goodbye Serenity’ music video

Ben Anderson releases ‘Goodbye Serenity’ music video

Check out the latest and final chapter of the YouTopia music video trilogy.  Ben Anderson’s ‘Goodbye Serenity’ music video takes us to the beginning of the protagonist’s downfall from ‘Clay Pigeon’.

FUN FACT:  Three members of the 80/20 Records team are featured in the video!




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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ‘Goodbye Serenity’ is the third and final chapter of Ben Anderson’s YouTopia music video trilogy.  We visit the origin of the protagonist’s intense downfall in ‘Clay Pigeon’, where a dystopian society bent on conforming their population to a uniform identity destroys his dreams of becoming a musician.

Visually inspired from classic sci-fi films such as ‘Brazil’, ‘1984’, and ‘THX 1138’.  Directed by Cory Davis of Yellowbox Films, ’Goodbye Serenity’ takes you on a surreal journey from the classroom to the assembly line, with larger than life authoritarian guards, and the personification of ‘entropy’.


Goodbye Serenity, the single off of YouTopia EP, is a joyous smorgasbord of rhythms à la The Cure with catchy synth riffs, post punk guitars, and a chorus that’s hard to forget.

Indie Blues/Soul artist Ben Anderson writes and performs with balance as his mantra. He is compared to artists such as John Mayer, Sam Smith, and Jack Johnson. Born in Phoenix, AZ, he started songwriting at the age 14 when he picked up his first guitar. After graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Anderson decided to pursue a career in music. 

In 2014, Anderson recorded his first EP, ‘Roosevelt Row’ over at Grand Canyon Records with AZ studio legend Jack Miller under the helm. In the summer of 2015, Anderson enlisted Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Music to produce his second EP, ‘Where the Lights Go?’ under Chromodyne. 

Ben Anderson’s follow-up EP, ‘YouTopia’ was released in late 2017.

YouTopia Music Video Trilogy

Part 1:  Clay Pigeon

Part 2:  Lukewarm

Part 3:  Goodbye Serenity

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