Ben Anderson’s ‘Lukewarm’ Music Video Released

Ben Anderson’s ‘Lukewarm’ Music Video Released

Ben Anderson releases the follow-up to the intense Clay Pigeon music video for the single Lukewarm from Chromodyne Record Label. It takes place just before the events of Clay Pigeon where the protagonist (Ben Anderson) has reached the peak of his career but soon realizes his life has no substance.

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Ben Anderson releases new single and music video for ‘Lukewarm’

YouTopia EP Available October 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — ‘Lukewarm’ is Ben Anderson’s second release of a trilogy of singles relating a man’s relationship against and within society’s struggles; manufactured wants and needs, and its inherent dysfunction. All three singles are off his upcoming EP YouTopia, expected to be released on October 24th, 2017 on Chromodyne.

View ‘Lukewarm’ music video HERE.

Directed by Olivier Zahm, ‘Lukewarm’ serves as the prequel to ‘Clay Pigeon.’ The story follows a corporate stiff who has reached the peak of his career but soon realizes that his life has no substance. Champagne bottles, hot chicks, and pillow fights cannot fill his void. Thus, he begins to reject the system.

The money bag man, inspired by a late 1800’s American political cartoon character, won’t let his favorite drone go easily. A chase ensues, but the main character has nowhere to run. The worker and his money bag boss engage in a knuckle-bearing power struggle. Ultimately, using a hard copy of the Origin of Species, the main character defeats the money bag man. Now unemployed, with the Origin of Species in hand, the main character heads home, setting up the beginning of Clay Pigeon.

Olivier Zahm is also the founder and owner of Electric Lotus Music, a recording studio located in North Phoenix, where he co-wrote, produced and engineered the single Lukewarm.

Inspired by eclectic singer-songwriters like David Bowie, Frank Ocean, and Stevie Wonder; Ben Anderson writes and performs his music using balance as his mantra. Songwriters like Bowie are powerful storytellers that create art with the appropriate combination of structure and freeform. They may venture into other genres of music, but they still manage to sound like themselves.

In 2016, Anderson released his debut EP Where the Lights Go? to critical acclaim. It made the Phoenix New Times’ end-of-the-year list for top 40 EPs released by a Phoenix artist in 2016. The lead single “Perfect” was featured on a compilation playlist of the Best Local Picks for the 2016 edition of Ignite Phoenix and selected by music writer Ed Masley as one of the top singles in March 2017 on AZCentral. Anderson has performed at popular music venues in the Phoenix area such as Crescent Ballroom, Rhythm Room, Valley Bar, and Last Exit Live. He has also performed at music festivals such as Sidepony Express Music Festival and the Phoenix Festival of the Arts.

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