Endorsement Panel selected at NAMM 2017

Endorsement Panel selected at NAMM 2017

Founder Mike Zimmerlich will be speaking and moderating at the panel How to Land and Enhance Brand Partnerships at NAMM 2017 with reps from Hammond Organ and Alesis.  The panel will be on Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 3 pm.



Mike Zimmerlich (Moderator) – 80/20 Records

Gabe Kubanda – Epic Proportions Tour

Chandra Lynn – Glow Marketing

Emiko Carlin – Hammond Organ USA

Stephan Fyock  – Alesis



The endorsement relationship between the artist and a company has been changing.  What do brands look for in 2017 with the artists they partner with?  How can an artist strengthen the relationships they already have?  What should an artist ask for in return for their support?  This panel addresses how to successfully pitch to brands and the vital, symbiotic role that a brand partnership plays in an artist’s career.