What We Do For Artists


80/20 Records manages music releases such as albums or singles as well as music videos.  This can include:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Fulfillment
  • Release Strategy

Think of us as the backbone to your music.  We’ll be there to walk you through every step.




Management is involved with an artist’s career in providing direction as well as support and compliments with any other members of your team. This can include:

  • Tour Planning
  • Negotiations
  • Endorsements
  • Overall Strategy
  • Seeking opportunities
  • Coordination



One-on-One Coaching

Our mission is to help as many artists as we possibly can.  So we designed a coaching program for artists of any genre, at any level, for any project.

You will be assigned to an experienced coach of the 80/20 team. They are made available to you to assess any challenges you have, determine obtainable goals, and develop an actionable ‘to-do list’ to help you succeed.

Just like any coach we are here to guide you with our knowledge and experience. As well as give you a little nudge from time-to-time cause let’s face it, we all need someone looking out for us!

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Everyone needs a team

Nobody should work  in the music industry alone.  It’s a lot of work to be an artist, having people that you can rely on is essential for success. There’s a reason we’ve been called the “extra band member who just deals with the business end!”