How to Approach Record Labels

We get this question a lot on how to get signed to a record label. So we wanted to break down some methods on how to approach labels!

First, why do you want to get signed to a record label? Make sure your intentions are clear and for the right reasons. Having a label just “take over the business side of things” is not the right reason. If anything, partnering with a label will mean more work for everyone to achieve the goals both have laid out.

Second, labels have to be very selective on who they sign and when. It’s an investment and we take that very seriously for both ourselves and the artist. Out of all the years we’ve serviced artists we have only signed ONE from a submission. The rest have been through prior relationships we have built with the artists.

Sometimes the best way to get signed is to find other avenues to connect with a label to build that relationship. You will find there’s a number of options that you can support each other with, even if you’re not signed to them.

Here’s a couple of ways:

  1. Follow on social media and any other mediums. We do notice who engages with us on our platforms and this is an excellent way to understand the ecosystem of the label.
  2. Apply for an internship. Many labels have internship programs, this will give you an inside look on how they operate and build connections within the company.
  3. See if they provide other services. Labels oftentimes offer additional services such as coaching, marketing, design, and so on for artists outside of their roster. This gives you the ability to still get support on a limited scope and to test run the company to see if you work well with them. Check out our one-on-one coaching program.
  4. Discover any other resources they have. Some labels have blogs, podcasts, videos, and others that give you insight into the industry. These are great forms of education.