Mega Ran drops single ‘SUMIMASEN’

Mega Ran drops single ‘SUMIMASEN’

Oh snap! We just announced Mega Ran last week and his single ‘SUMIMASEN’ just dropped today.

Listen to it here.

After his 8th trip to Japan on tour last year, Ran decided to make the most of the moment and shoot a music video out there with director Ikuo Yamamoto. The song is called “Sumimasen,” which is a word that loosely translates to “Excuse Me,” which is how Mega and guest Alfred Banks politely push their way through the competition. Nice guys can finish first, as shown in this quirky video shot in Shibuya on a rainy night. 

“The video was so much fun,” Ran says. “What better way to immortalize everything I love about this place than in a new music video? Ikuo-san perfectly captured the moment…video games, food and good times.”

Check out the music video below.