Promise To Myself Drops New Single ‘Circles’

Promise To Myself Drops New Single ‘Circles’

Alt Pop Punk band Promise To Myself just dropped their brand new single ‘Circles’ and it’s just as infectious as you’d expect any other pop-punk track to be. With nostalgic riffs and a chorus that’s bound to stay stuck on repeat in your head after the first listen.

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Check out the single herecircles_ptm_v5



Following performing on Warner Music Record Store Crawl in Phoenix, Promise to Myself releases their new pop-punk single ‘Circles’.

‘Circles’ is about trying to make things work no matter what happens in your life. Sometimes things don’t work in your favor no matter how badly you want them too, causing life to go in vicious circles.

Promise To Myself is a Pop-Punk Alternative band from Phoenix, AZ. Their fun and creative energy can be described as if Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Waterparks had a fight to the death in a game of dodgeball, and the winner end up being Big Time Rush.  Inspired by “Dial Tones” from As It Is; the band was formed by Karl Nagy (Lead Vocals and Bass), Brad Stockton (Lead Guitar), Zack Bruge (Rhythm Guitar and Backup Vocals), and Tony Galvan (Drums).

Promise To Myself takes an active role in supporting their community, such as the RnR Memorial Fund, where they take ‘RnR’ stickers to all of their shows and created a special ‘t-shirt’ where the proceeds go towards the fund. They even documented on Instagram taking ‘Jerome the Gnome’ on their travels to Austin during SXSW in awareness for the charity.  The band believes every fan is a part of their ever-growing family in the crazy thing called life.

In 2018, Promise To Myself released their debut album, “One For The Runaways”, along with accompanying music videos for “Another Tragedy” and “Monster”. The entire EP was played at Dutch Bros. across the country.

Sounds like:

Point North, As It Is, Neck Deep, Sleep On It, In Her Own Words, Stand Atlantic, Real Friends, WSTR, Roam, Grayscale, With Confidence, Broadside, Boston Manor, Bearings, The Story So Far, All Time Low, Capsize, Seaway, Trophy Eyes, Mayday Parade, Oh, Weatherly, Knuckle Puck, State Champs, The Wonder Years, Trash Boat, Carousel Kings, Set It Off, Green Day.


All the fun details:

Artwork by: Moira Christiansen

Written by: Karl Nagy, Zack Bruge, Brad Stockton and Tony Galvan

Produced by: Jeremy Parker

Studio: Premier Studios

Mixing: Jeremy Parker

Mastering: Jeremy Parker

Performers: Promise To Myself (Karl Nagy, Zack Bruge, Brad Stockton, Tony Galvan)

Special thanks:

Jeremy Parker at Premier Studios

Stacy Nupoff our Mama Bear

Mike Zimmerlich and everyone at 80/20 Records

Everyone who supported our IndieGoGo

and most importantly our families and those who have supported us and our music throughout the years we couldn’t have done it without you.


Copyright: Promise To Myself





I remember when you told me

We were talking about how dreams can come true

But when you got more lonely

It was always me that you looked to

Now the curtains calling, they are calling

We tried to cash in early

Then when we went falling, we were falling

We went crashing burning



Circles. Baby circles, you were never interesting 

I was never listening

Circles, baby circles, This just ain’t right

You’re gonna be my kryptonite everything’s just gonna be alright 

Just another night, try to take flight still gonna be my kryptonite



Back when we were carefree

You were saying how you could come through

Things were never clarity

But we always tried to make do

Now the curtains calling, they are calling

We tried to cash in early

Then when we went falling, we were falling

We went crashing burning