“Seek” the truth with Captain Squeegee’s new music video

“Seek” the truth with Captain Squeegee’s new music video


Captain Squeegee and 80/20 Records is excited to premiere the music video to “S​eek,​” the fifth release from their album, T​o the Bardos! The music video was directed by M​atty Steinkamp (S​undawg Media)​ and stars Shela Yu and Samuel Pena. With many different influences from S​tar Wars to S​tar Trek, ​the video tells the love story of an alien (Yu) and a human (Pena) placed on Earth with the idea that the human would help the alien escape so she can go back home to her planet of Bardonia. C​LICK HERE to read the P​hoenix New Times feature.

“When I heard this song for the first time I instantly began writing a concept for the music video,” explains Steinkamp. “I felt the dreamy beginning of the song demanded a cinematic story with a futuristic time period.” Steinkamp goes on to explain that the story shows flashbacks to how they came to fall in love and as well as an action­packed escape sequence ending with the human male being shot by his own kind as the female alien is being beamed up. “I really wanted to make a music video as close to a short film as possible with real­life looking makeup and effects,” he states.

Steinkamp has seen local acclaim to fame with his successful music videos for Phoenix favorites, producing multiple music videos for decker., ​F​ayuca,​ J​ared & the Mill,​ L​una Aura, ​as well Captain Squeegee’s previous releases for “F​actory”​ and “S​hift Happens”​. Aside from music videos, Steinkamp and his company completed P​lay: The Documentary, ​in which Steinkamp follows musicians and figures out what drives them to continue performing when all odds are against them. P​lay: The Documentary​ is set to release sometime next year.

The enigmatic Captain Squeegee has landed, brazenly pushing the boundaries of indie­rock with their show and style. Born into the Phoenix ska scene in 2002, Captain Squeegee has dramatically expanded their sound, resulting in “a heady brand of neo­psychedelic prog… [like] a van full of jazz performance majors raised on ska would play it” (Ed Masley, A​ZCentral)​. Their horn­driven instrumentation, metaphysical lyrics, and intense multi­media performances, has hailed them “one of the toughest acts in town to follow” and “prepared to headline Coachella, tomorrow” (Jeff Moses, M​odern Times Magazine)​.