Sydney Sprague enchants 80/20

Sydney Sprague enchants 80/20

So excited to have Indie-Pop Folk artist Sydney Sprague as the newest member of the 80/20 fam.  And guess what?  Her newest single F O M O is dropping next week following her new EP, Bad Patchwork, coming out next month.



IG:  @sydneysprague



About Sydney Sprague:

Sydney Sprague is an Indie-Pop Folk artist currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Born in Austin, Texas, Sydney absorbed the music that surrounded her which inspired a career as an artist in 2008.   Lending her unique voice to universal themes like love, conflict, vengeance, and someone named “Steve”; Sydney followed up her last EP, Dark Cloud, with Bad Patchwork released under 80/20 Records.

Often compared to heady artists including Alanis Morisette, Michelle Branch and Feist gives truth to the broad range of Sydney’s immense songwriting talent and vocal prowess. “Any powerful woman in music should be on the edge of their seat for what is to come next.” (Rhi Ramsay, Music Existence).