The Runner Up releases new single ‘Somebody’

The Runner Up releases new single ‘Somebody’

The rumble in the jungle that is The Runner Up just released their new single ‘Somebody’ from their upcoming debut EP.


Check out the single ‘Somebody’ here:


About the single:

“Somebody” was a track originally wrote while performing in another act in 2012. Young the Giant’s self title was blowing up the charts then and the hook for “My Body” had been bouncing around in my head for days. The visceral motif of making a decision with your body rather than your mind is not uncommon in music, but thematically something I’ve always been drawn to lyrically. I tend to write my best stuff about emotions and experience generated from reckless abandonment, so this is a fitting concept. 

Anyways, I was in a heavy song writing period with that act and constantly looking for and exploring ideas. As the song was dancing around my head, I started toying with the words “My body” and a bit of a melody when I hopped in the shower one morning. I had the chorus hook written by the time I finished washing my hair.



You got the look and like cheap thrills

And walk in three in heels

I know you’re no fool

You see me coming for you


With serpents eyes you lure me in

Your gaze keeps me breathin’

Only one thing left to do

so ill say this to you



My body wants some body

and not just any body will do

Don’t have to be somebody

Long as that body belongs to you


A vagabond you stole my way

And trapped me in your maze

I don’t want to break through

Just stay here with you


You know my soul and hold my gaze

And see right through my shame

And through all my days

You drive me insane