Three submissions to SXSW Panel Picker

Three submissions to SXSW Panel Picker

Our fearless leader, Mike Zimmerlich, is being pitched in three different panels to SXSW.  He’s teaming up with Epic Proportions Tour, Hammond, and Pledge Music discussing various topics such as how to get an endorsement deal and how to crowd fund your album.

Now we need our help!  From now until September 2nd vote for any (or all if you feel generous) listed below that you would like to see at SXSW in 2017.


New Methods For Crowdfunding Your Album – Click to Vote Now!

With so many campaigns over the years trying to raise funds it is no longer feasible to continue with old techniques. Musicians have to find new ways to attract an audience and convince them to support their album in a saturated space. Why do some modern campaigns succeed and others fail?

Partnering with Pledge Music, this workshop will go over how to effectively prepare, launch, and promote a crowdfunding campaign for a music album using new and creative approaches. In addition we will showcase examples of recent successful campaigns.


Endorsements in 2017: The changing relationship – Click to Vote Now!

Gearing up for the new Endorsement model

The endorsement relationship between artist and company has been changing. They are also getting more savvy about using social media with their artists so they look for artists who bring a strong social media component to the table. Partnering with Epic Proportions Tour, KHS Music, and Hammond; this panel will serve to inform artists what the new deals are and how to get them.


Maximize Your Career Through Brand Partnerships – Click to Vote Now!

Endorsement deals. Few will actually get them and everyone wants to know how and why. This panel addresses how to successfully pitch to brands, what brands want from artists, and the vital, symbiotic role that a brand partnership plays in an artist’s career as well as the life of the brand. Panelists include a former Marketing Director for a major distributor of over 14 brands, a recording artist with over 12 endorsements (who will tell you how to successfully negotiate/procure partnerships), a record company president who will address the importance of endorsement deals from the label side, and a current Director of Marketing for a legendary music instrument company.