Turn Zero releases cover ‘Drown’

Turn Zero releases cover ‘Drown’

Alt Rock band Turn Zero releases a raw acoustic take on ‘Drown’ from Bring Me The Horizon.  Featuring Sam from Sore Eyes.

Listen here:



About Turn Zero:

Founded by Emily Grieve and John Curtis Sanchez, Turn Zero is a mix between Tonight Alive and early Paramore. Lead singer Emily Grieve was a ranked Pokemon player, competing in official tournaments throughout the U.S. and Canada.  In both the TCG (Trading Card Game) and video game she has won in several cities and states, as well as placing in Worlds. In fact, the band name has a little bit of history behind it. Turn Zero refers to competitive card games when time is called to end the match and the player that is in the middle of their turn is considered “turn zero”.  The significance lies in the fact that the members have been each pursuing music in different ways over the years and when they all came together it just clicked. It was the beginning of the end of a chapter, and they’re one step closer to winning, or should I say, achieving their dreams.