To those who are creative, motivated, and crazy enough to make music.

80/20 Records is an independent record label and management company.  The concept of 80/20 is based on the Pareto principle, which is found everywhere such as 20% of fans make 80% of your income or 20% of your efforts create 80% of your results.

We want to help you find that 80%.


Our Story

Founder Michael Zimmerlich wanted to be an entrepreneur since senior year of high school when he sold ‘video yearbooks’ to his fellow classmates. In 2004 during college, he decided to take his passion for music and business to create an internet radio music website where artists can stream their tracks as well as connect to each other for feedback. After discovering the need from many artists needing representation for their music and direction for their careers he decided to create a record label in 2008.


The Label

The record label aspect of 80/20 is involved with music releases such as albums or singles as well as music videos.  This can include distribution, strategy, promotion, placement, manufacturing, fulfillment, and so on.  We go far more in-depth than any third-party distribution site and more hands-on with the entire process.  We’ll be there to walk you through every step.

It kind of feels like we have some sort of mythical god watching over us.

Danny Torgersen

Lead Singer, Captain Squeegee

The Management

The management aspect of 80/20 is involved with anything supporting music releases.  This can include tour planning, negotiations, endorsements, overall strategy, seeking opportunities, etc.  Management is more involved with an artist’s career in providing direction as well as support and compliments with any other members of your team.

Everyone needs a team

Nobody works in the music industry alone.  We’ve been called the “extra band member who just deals with the business end” for a reason.  It’s a lot of work to be an artist, having people that you can rely on is essential for success.


Let us be on your team.