To those who are creative, motivated, and crazy enough to make music.

80/20 Records is an independent record label that offers 80% royalties to artists. We provide the tools necessary for an artist to be successful from distribution, promotion, inventory management, licensing, and many others. Founder Michael Zimmerlich wanted to be an entrepreneur since senior year of high school when he sold ‘video yearbooks’ to his fellow classmates. In 2004 during college he decided to take his passion for music and business to create an internet radio music website where artists can stream their tracks as well as connect to each other for feedback. After discovering the need from many artists needing representation for their music and direction for their careers he decided to create a record label.  However Mike wanted to create something different that made a statement on how artists can make the most from their craft while keeping fans happy.  Loving the concept of the Pareto principle he decided to give 80% royalties to artists.  Everyone thought he was crazy, but 80/20 Records has been around since 2008.

Just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean you’re a carpenter

Anyone can get their music onto iTunes and Spotify these days. There’s thousands of ‘How-To’ videos on YouTube and blog articles on how to promote yourself.  Music libraries can get your music placed in film and television.

Most artists fail at making any money from their music.  There needs to be a plan of how your music is released to get the most attention.  Just because one band did a marketing campaign that was extremely successful doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.  Music supervisors have a very specific criteria on the songs they chose for film and television that only those within the industry will know about.

80/20 Records has released over 15 albums as well as several singles and music videos.  We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to get results.  Most importantly we know how to be adaptive to each artist.

However instead of telling artists what their music should sound like or how they should look, we collaborate with them to extend how they want to express themselves.  They need guidance and someone who understands their creative vision.

It kind of feels like we have some sort of mythical god watching over us.

Danny Torgersen

Lead Singer, Captain Squeegee

We’re not a bank

If you’re expecting us to just give you a check and cover recording, manufacturing, touring, as well as an advance for living expenses so you can live your “rock star” dream, think again.

We are very selective when it comes to artists we represent, especially if we are offering any type of advance.  All things are considered such as sales from previous albums, show attendance, and social media engagement.  Most importantly we look for artists that understands the importance of collaboration and fits with our culture.

We also help find alternatives to raising capital such as crowdfunding where we ran successful campaigns for several albums.   All artists deserve a chance even if they haven’t proven themselves yet.

Everyone needs a team

Nobody works in the music industry alone.  Even the bands with no manager and no record label may have a publicist, booking agent, producer, or friends and family to help them out.

We’ve been called the “extra band member who just deals with the business end” for a reason.  It’s a lot of work to be an artist, having people that you can rely on is essential for success.  Let us be on your team.