Fairy Bones new music video 'Notes from Wonderland'

Captain Squeegee's new music video for Seek

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5 Music Videos selected for Phoenix Comicon

The Phoenix Comicon Film Festival has officially selected Fairy Bones’ “Notes from Wonderland,” and Captain Squeegee’s “Inevitable,” “Farce 500-Million,” “The Factory,” and “Seek”.

80/20 supports Arizona Gives Day!

To support Arizona Gives Day any purchases made from our store we will double up to $100 to give to Phoenix Conservatory of Music.

Celebrating 8 years!

Our fearless leader Mike Zimmerlich reflected on the past 8 years and listed the top 8 things he’s learned.

80/20 invades The NAMM Show 2016

Mike, Danny (Captain Squeegee), Austen (Captain Squeegee), and Robert (Fairy Bones) went to The NAMM Show 2016 and survived to tell their tale.

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