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Bear Ghost joins the 80/20 family!

We’re proud to announce Bear Ghost as the newest band on 80/20 Records! And yes that means NEW music from the group in 2019.

First Time ‘AZ Label Fest’

On Friday, April, 20th, we’re making history with the first ever AZ Label Fest down at Crescent Ballroom. We’re partying it up before Record Store Day hits the valley, and you can come look at all the different independent record labels in town while also jamming out to some amazing music.

Looking Back On Disruptfest and the EDGE Lounge

Over the weekend, Tempe Center for the Arts put on Disruptfest, a showcase for the arts in the Phoenix area. We featured artists at the 80/20 lounge and headlined our very own Captain Squeegee!


Captain Squeegee

“Harmony Cure” EP

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Captain Squeegee

“To The Bardos” Album

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Lobate Scarp

Beautiful Light

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